Darin Buzon is a product designer, working with letters in Brooklyn, New York.

Practicing designer with professional experience in disciplines across product design, user experience, digital branding, and systems. Maintains a practice primarily focused within cultural and public spheres of work. Thinks, writes, criticizes, and creates in subjects centering around the contemporary in politics, power, technology, and culture. Talks like a normal person IRL.

    Product Design
    Art Direction

The entertainment streaming wars as of late is nothing to overlook. Content delivery is an enterprise with relentless and fierce competition, all pushing towards conversion of the greatest amount of users, with the lowest churn rate, in the shortest amount of time. HBO Max is among the greatest of the crop, and differentiating itself is a matter of innovation, serious cross-functional collaboration, and elevating its premium and highly sought-for entertainment library.

    Product Design
    Digital Branding

Software has permeated across every society in the world. Seldom is thought given to the hardware it operates on, and the challenges from designing between fundamentally different screens. But the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon proves an opportunity by which innovation requires thorough product design as much as the necessary hardware and software development.

    Digital Branding

Cultural institutions often focus their resources in curatorial research and collection. Maintaining and even updating their online presence is not usually a priority, but with the rapidly evolving digital world, institutions such as the MoMA and the Whitney have promptly kept with the times.