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An Inquiry on Food Waste
On average, the world wastes 1.3 billion tons of food. A staggering statistic that does not even take into account the total amount of waste also produced from other forms of human disposal. An Inquiry on Food Waste is a publication that investigates, outlines, and challenges the status quo of perpetual food waste both on a macro and microscale by providing readers alternative ways to curb food waste.
Coptic-stitched by hand and printed on a Risograph printer, mixing yellow and bright red inks.
Instructed by Rebeca Mendez
A Series of Informational Fold-out Posters
One of the most revolutionary forms of media that emerged in the 20th century was the photograph. Tranforming a culture and history informed by only written word and the documents it inhabited, the photograph was a new, succinct way to say a thousand words. A Series of Informational Fold-out Posters is a publication that documents a process of providing typographic treatment to two photographs, one from the early 20th century and its contemporary counterpart. Through typographic articulation, the series investigates different ways in which a photograph can express those one thousand words.
Printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 11880 with Cougar Smooth Natural 160M and Mohawk Eggshell Natural White 400M
Instructed by Willem Henri Lucas.
Historically, music has relied heavily on graphic design for visual representation of an artist's sound. The mass production of vinyls, posters, and other promotional material intertwined itself with graphic design in its evolution. Goodbye is a documentation of exercises that attempts to visually represent sound and music through typographic manipulation. Students assigned themselves one single song for ten weeks to produce these exercises and the resulting final publication as documented here.
Instructed by Willem Henri Lucas.
Kübler-Ross Model
In 1969, Swiss psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross had undergone numerous studies and research in examination of terminally ill patients at the university of chicago medical school. Here findings and results led to the publication of on death and dying which in it postulated the kübler-ross model, or the five stages of grief, that outline the process by which humans experience certain emotional states of grief. This informational pamphlet was an attempt to represent visually the research by which Ross had developed.
Offset printed on a Risograph, mixing black, blue, and red inks.